The Kingdom of Reda

The Kingdom of Reda is ruled over by Queen Seraphima, who has just come of age. Until her majority, the kingdom was ruled over by her regent and uncle, Duke Forobor.

Some say that Forobor was loathe to give up his power over the kingdom and plots to usurp Seraphima, and that he is waiting until he has built up enough support among the other nobles to pursue this course of action. These are all unsubstantiated rumors, however.

Reda is a small nation located in the barren foothills of the Dragonspine mountain range. It is a net importer of food, fuel, and other important commodities, and is essentially a vassal state of its enormous neighbor, the Arasterian Empire. It is rich in metals and minerals, which it trades almost exclusively with the Arasterians.

Reda’s dependency on the Arasterian Empire has become much more pronounced through Duke Forobor’s influence. As regent, he chose to divert funding from Reda’s military to investments into the nation’s educational and technological infrastructure. This has led to an explosion in new Redan technology. The Redan mining industry in particular has benefited greatly from his policies and Redan mines are known far and wide as the most productive in the world.

But this policy has made Reda totally dependent on the Arasterians for military protection, and many Redan nobles bristle at this thought.

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