Great Wyrm began as part of Moonstream’s mission to build tools for web3 game devs. As we worked on features such as our inventory contract, our crafting contract, and the Garden of Forking Paths game interface, we kept talking about how well the toolset would work together in a text-based RPG.

We believe in fully on-chain gaming, which came from our experience running Crypto Unicorns: The Dark Forest That fully on-chain minigame was responsible for over 1.7M smart contract interactions on Polygon between January 28, 2022 and March 31, 2022.

Great Wyrm was born from our desire to use these tools to tell a story and build a game. Through it, we offer an exciting gaming experience, explore new uses for Moonstream’s smart contracts, discover situations that inspire new tools and new tweaks, and offer those tools to other game masters and game developers.

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