Great Wyrm Glossary

Here are some terms that come up frequently in our tools and design documents.

  • Act: The Game is divided into acts, and each act tells the story of a particular place in the game world at a particular time. All of the sessions that have been played so far are part of Act One: An Awakening in Kalash.

  • Garden of Forking Paths (GOFP): Great Wyrm is currently played on a smart contract called the Garden of Forking Paths. The Garden of Forking Paths interface presents the lore and path choices for each stage of a Great Wyrm session and records which path each player chooses at each stage.

  • Lore: The text/story that accompanies a session, stage, or path; also, information about the game world, such as its history and descriptions of various locations, cultures, characters. As players play Great Wyrm sessions, their characters' deeds become part of the lore of the world.

  • Path: An action or other option that you can choose at the end of a stage. Depending on the path you choose, you might win a reward, experience no consequences, or be eliminated from the session.

  • Session: One Great Wyrm adventure with its own storyline, similar to a campaign.

  • Stage: A stage is subdivision of a session similar to a single encounter in a campaign or a chapter in a story. Each stage culminates in a choice of paths, where players decide what to do next.

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