Types of games

This section describes the games that are currently being published through the Great Wyrm Discord and Moonstream Portal.

At the moment, players can participate in two types of sessions:

Long sessions

Full-length sessions tell a long story consisting of a series of encounters (stages). They are basically RPG campaigns. The stories tie into the ongoing plotline of a Great Wyrm act (see the Great Wyrm glossary for more about acts, sessions, and stages.)

The first full-length session was called “The Discovery.”

Single-stage sessions (one-shots)

These are shorter games built around a single decision. This category includes the Reda Games, a series of weekly single-stage games set in Heelis. It also includes mini-games such as the upcoming Troll Battle. The single-stage sessions can stand alone or set up and develop larger storylines. We often use them to test new mechanics and types of gameplay.

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