Great Wyrm

Troll Battle

The negotiations have failed. The troll’s footsteps shake the walls of the meeting hut. It’s dinner time, and you are on the menu. You must face him now, or the whole village will be devoured.
So why do we have to fight the troll? It all started here..

Game Overview

Create a character: To fight in the Troll Battle, you need a Great Wyrm character. Message @MaizZamza or @SanikoftheDoverStand on the Great Wyrm Discord to get one, and see creating a character guide.
Stage One: Choose an attribute (Mon. 5/8–Mon. 5/15)
Each player picks one attribute that suits their character. The attribute comes with a buff to its corresponding statistic.
You must join the game before Stage One is over in order to play.
Stage Two: Choose an item (Mon. 5/15–Wed. 5/17)
Each player picks up a weapon or healing item to carry into battle. The item also buffs one of the player’s statistics.
Stages Three+: Choose an action (Daily starting Thu. 5/18)
Each player chooses to attack, evade, or heal. We post new stages in this format until the troll is dead or all of the players have been incapacitated.