Clergy and religious figures

Cultists of the Bright Flame

The Cultists of the Bright Flame believe passionately in the existence of the Dragon Lord. They have long been a laughing stock: “Go cry to Flame Daddy,” people jeer as they run the cultists out of town. While the adepts take their worship extremely seriously, even peasant children can’t imagine being silly enough to believe that dragons are real. Besides, the cultists’ moralizing is extremely annoying. They are, however, walking encyclopedias of dragon lore, an oral tradition passed down from one generation to the next.

The Larder of Mab the Devourer

The Larder is a now disbanded cult based on extreme sacrifice to an insatiable god. Escapees from the cult are rebuilding their lives by finding work wherever they can. They strive to live anonymously due to a lingering fear of being tracked down by the cult leaders, though the leadership has officially been exiled from Reda. After being tricked into giving all they had for so many years, the former cultists are extremely suspicious of false gods and malevolent authorities. Even paying their taxes to the crown makes them queasy.

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