The Reda Games

The Reda Games are mini-sessions that simulate the political and social maneuvering through which characters vie for power in Queen Seraphima’s court in Heelis, the capital city of the Kingdom of Reda. Test your wits and your charisma against courtiers, schemers, and secret agents as you learn more about Heelis and its inhabitants. Not only are the Reda Games a training ground for future sessions set in Heelis, but they are also a chance to earn influence points that bolster your character’s chances of success in later games.

The Reda Games also demonstrate the variety of gaming experiences possible using a few fairly simple session types, from funny and frivolous debates about court fashion to life or death decisions, and from social engineering to philosophical conundra.

Designed as endlessly replayable simulations of court politics, the events described in the Reda Games are not part of Great Wyrm lore, but your characters’ experiences here prepare them to shape Reda’s future in sessions to come.

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