The royal guard: elite warriors from the Arasterian Empire

Duke Forobor disbanded the Redan military to invest in the discovery of new technologies. Reda now relies on the Arasterian Empire for defense, and the royal guard of Reda is made up of elite Arasterian warriors. Some grumble about their presence at court.

The former royal guard: the knights of Reda

A few of the former members of the royal guard, the knights of Reda, have remained in Heelis, considering their oaths to the queen unbroken, while others have set off on quests of their own.

The Broden Free Rangers

The Broden Free Rangers are warriors and adventurers with their own code of honor and customs they keep secret from outsiders. The Rangers have maintained quasi-independence from the Arasterian Empire by accepting invitations to settle in the most remote and dangerous border lands, providing a buffer at the edge of the empire in exchange for self-governance. Skilled horsemen, the Rangers have survived and even thrived for generations in areas where others fear even to travel. The empire depends on them but also seeks ways to keep them from growing too strong or too numerous and becoming a threat.

Private Guards

Protectors of merchant caravans, storehouses, and the workshops of the trade guilds.


Employed by nobles who will not accept bodyguards from the Arasterian Empire, or who are too minor to be granted Arasterian guards. They run the gamut from former knights to mercenaries.

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