Character Stats

Player Stats (default)

Health: * This stat and the troll’s health are based on the number of players in the game, to keep the combat balanced. We’ll calculate and share them as soon as Stage One closes.

Attack: 1d4 Deals 1-4 damage per stage when the player chooses the “Attack” path.

Evade: 1d4 Avoids 1-4 damage per attack when the player chooses the “Evade” path.

Heal: 1d4-1 Heals 0-3 damage per stage when the player chooses the “Heal” path.

Fate: 0 Adds 0 points to the fate roll in each stage.


  1. 1d4 means one four-sided die. 1d4-1 is one four-sided die with one point subtracted from the results.

  2. When a player reaches 1 health, they are critically wounded and must withdraw from combat, i.e., they are not eligible to choose paths in subsequent combat rounds. No players die in this game. If a critically wounded player makes a path choice, the GM will not factor it into the statistics for that round. Critically wounded players should not unstake, though, as they will have a chance to claim a reward in the final stage.

  3. Troll damage applies to all players equally. In the case of a remainder, the final damage points are assigned at random. For example, if there are three players and the troll has ten attack points, each player will take three points of damage, and one player chosen at random will take a fourth.

  4. Healing is distributed one point at a time. The point goes to the player with the lowest health.

Troll Stats

The troll’s base health and attack values depend on the number of players. We will share the final numbers once Stage One has closed and we know how many people have joined the battle. The damage from the troll’s attack is divided evenly among the number of players.

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