Site of “The Discovery”

The events of “The Discovery” take place in a tiny copper mining town called Kalash. Kalash is located along the northwestern border of Reda, near the Dragonspine Mountains. Kalash is mainly populated by humans and dwarves.

Kalash is a remote mountain town that grew around a cluster of copper mines in the northern reaches of the Kingdom of Reda.

Over the past 100 years, Kalash has grown from a tiny village of less than 100 inhabitants to a town with a population close to 1200 souls. Its population is roughly equally divided between humans and dwarves.

It is a two-week journey from Kalash to the closest large city, Kerembor.

During the Spring, Summer, and Fall, merchant caravans frequently make the trip between Kerembor and Kalash to trade for copper from the Kalash mines. They come bearing food, equipment, and other valuable supplies.

During the winter, there has traditionally been only one merchant house that braves the treacherous mountain paths near Kalash to conduct trade - the Dwarfish Commercial House of Barradar. Their caravan comes on a monthly basis and charges the people of Kalash a heavy premium for this trade.

Kalash is home to three major copper mines:

  1. The Bismil Mine – owned by the Bismil family, the Dwarfish founding family of Kalash.

  2. The Hadrag Mine – owned by Clan Hadrag, a Human trading house from Kerembor.

  3. Kalash Community Mine – the newest mine, found (and founded) by a group of independent citizens of Kalash.

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