Seraphima’s Suitors

The heads of the noble houses of Reda have been eager to offer their sons (or themselves) as suitors for the queen.

Several powerful families of the Arasterian empire have also found reasons to have an heir of marriageable age travel to Reda recently. The Emperor’s family, however, has not shown any interest. Do they find the match beneath them, or do they have other plans for bringing Reda under Arasterian control? And could the heirs of the lands the Arasterians have absorbed have plans to win back power, perhaps with the aid of the Redan throne and Reda’s metalsmiths?

A few young would-be knights from humbler families have set out to prove themselves worthy of the queen.

In an unprecedentedly bold move, several of the trade guilds and commercial houses have also offered their progeny as suitors. The growing power of the miners’ guilds, in particular, has made Duke Forobor uneasy in recent years.

Rumor has it that Seraphima’s heart belongs to an elf so contemptuous of human dealings that her uncle had him banished from Heelis.

Courtier characters:

  • Members of the nobility and their children.

  • Members of the royal council.

  • A spymaster?

  • Queen Seraphima’s attendants

  • Queen Seraphima’s suitors

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