Attributes add +1 to the default stat (except for Good Fortune, which upgrades the default die roll by one).

Fighting Prowess

buffs Attack

You are strong, or have combat training, or just really love to hit things.

Knowledge of Healing

buffs Heal

You are a healer or an herbalist or have picked up some basic skills along the way.


buffs Evade

You are good at sneaking and dodging; or you are often overlooked; or you are both clumsy and lucky and trip at the right times.

Good Fortune

buffs all actions; +1 to Fate roll

You tend to be lucky. Is this because of a charm? A religious affiliation? A prophecy? Maybe others don’t even believe you, but they’ll be glad that you are with them today.

Good Fortune replaces the 1d4 roll with a 1d5 when choosing “Attack” or “Evade” and the 1d4-1 roll with a 1d5-1 for “Heal.” When used in combination with a Charm, it boosts these rolls to 1d6.

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