Unclaimed characters from “The Discovery”

You can play as these characters, modify them, or use them as examples.

Sir Pelleas of Vell

Knight; Former Member of the Queen’s Guard

Once a knight, always a knight, but the changes in Reda have pained the former members of the Queen’s Guard. Their oaths discharged, they are beacons of courage and fealty without a lord or lady to serve. Some have set out on their own to fight for right and order, while others face existential quandaries, seeking a new cause to embrace. Many consider their vows to Queen Seraphima unbroken and have pledged to be ever ready for her summons, no matter how many Arasterian gallants are currently strutting about the court in Heelis.

Sir Pelleas has strong feelings about it all, but he rarely shares them, as he scorns to utter a discourteous word. Nor will he be so indiscreet as to unfold the tale behind the favor that he wears, a scrap of fabric embroidered with cornflowers and rue.

He is in Kalash because he has heard a rumor about dragon artifacts turning up in a nearby mine. No knight can resist a dragon, even if he knows they aren’t real.


Dishwasher; Escapee of the Larder of Mab the Devourer

Since the dissolution of the Larder, a cult based on extreme sacrifice to an insatiable god, the escapees have taken work wherever they can. They often prefer border areas due to a lingering fear of being tracked down. Fessle has been waiting tables and washing dishes at Old Maud’s and has fallen for one of the tavern’s patrons, Sir Pelleas.

After generations of sacrifice and self-emptying, the former Cultists of Mab are extremely suspicious of false gods and malevolent authorities. Even paying their taxes to the crown makes them queasy. Sir Pelleas’s devotion to a higher cause makes Fessle nervous, but surely the disbanding of the royal guard has disillusioned him, and Fessle knows a thing or two about rebuilding your life after escaping a false idol.

If only Fessle would stop having these inconvenient visions? There is no such thing as magic, and everyone knows that psychics are manipulative charlatans.

Velon Cragg

Bounty Hunter

Definitely not hunting anyone at the moment, Velon came to Kalash because sometimes the governments of border towns will pay swords-for-hire for some military or police work. Velon claims that the Mayor of Kalash was not interested. Is this true? Or are the rumors of treasure not the only payment that Velon is pursuing in the mines?

Teryn of Axa

The disappointing youngest child of the Baron of Axa

If the Baron and Baroness of Axa are to be believed, gallivanting and being reckless (and selfish!) are Teryn’s core traits, so it’s no wonder their youngest child is on some foolish excursion into the mines. This is probably just the impulse of the moment. Teryn is surely not clever or diligent enough to be acting as an agent for–or against–the House of Axa. Everyone knows that all Teryn cares about is having a good time and disgracing the family.


Runaway smith’s apprentice

Young Pip is an escaped apprentice who just wants to get back home to Grandmother–but where is her tiny village? Did it even have a proper name? All Pip remembers clearly is a mountain that loomed like a jagged blue tooth in the mist and a deep, icy lake. Looking out across the lake as the sunset dyed its waters red and gold, Grandmother would tell tales of the ancient treasure hidden in its depths, and the serpent that would seek it until the end of the world.

Pip lurks a lot and overhears more than people realized. Will this talent for eavesdropping be enough to secure food, shelter, and friends along the road?

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