Each combat stage consists of three steps:

Choose an action: To begin each combat stage, players choose an action.

Roll for fate: The game (alternately, the GM) makes two d20 rolls for fate, the first on behalf of the players and the second on behalf of the troll.

The party with the higher roll for fate has the initiative in this stage, meaning that their attacks and healing resolve first. (Evade happens simultaneously with an opponent’s attack and is not affected by initiative.)

An extremely high or low fate roll causes an extra event which may interfere with the combat. For example, if the troll rolls a 1 for fate, he might drop his club and do no damage that round. If the players roll a 20, lightning might strike the troll, or they might find a useful item on the ground.

Resolve attacks: Attacks and healing are then resolved in order of initiative.

  • Troll attack: The damage from the troll’s attacks is divided evenly among the number of players. Any remainder is distributed randomly. For example, if there are four players and the troll’s attack does ten points of damage, each player will take at least two points of damage. Two of the players, selected at random, will take an additional point each.

  • Healing: Healing is distributed one point at a time. The point goes to the player with the lowest health.

At the beginning of each new stage, players will be updated on the results of the previous stage (player and troll actions and players’ current health).

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