Character Creation Tips

Tip One: Imagine the world you want

When you create a character for Great Wyrm, you decide your character’s backstory and motivations. You also have control over your character’s appearance, and you are welcome to create or commission artwork based on your character to use when roleplaying. Your character can look however you choose: elves, humans, and dwarves all vary in their skin tones and other physical characteristics, and people from many regions now live in and travel to Heelis. Finally, Reda is not medieval England: if your character is a female knight errant or the non-binary leader of the Miner’s Guild, their story is welcome here.

Tip Two: Something missing? Create it! ⚒️

If you are interested in a part of the world that isn’t covered by this guide–anything from a city to a religion to a language or a historical event–make it up! You can add to the world through your character’s backstory. You are also welcome to post in the Lore channel on the Great Wyrm discord to share a cool idea, ask questions about the world, or ask the community to brainstorm with you.

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