Great Wyrm

Creating a Character

To play any of our games, you first need a character who exists in the Great Wyrm world. Great Wyrm characters are NFTs. You do not need to pay to receive a character token.
In the future, you will be able to create and edit characters yourself through a Character Creation Portal.
For now, just ask us on the Great Wyrm Discord and we will create the character token for you for free. Send the following in a DM to @Maiz Zamza on the Great Wyrm Discord:
  • The character’s name
  • A character description
  • An image of the character
  • Your Ethereum address
This guide has some character creation tips and information about the Great Wyrm world. You can start playing now and learn more about the world as you go.
Questions to think about when creating a Great Wyrm character
  • What kind of being is this character? (Dwarf, Elf, Human)
  • Where are they from and where are they currently?
  • Where do they fit into the social structure? (Peasant, miner, thief, knight, clergy, Librarian, inventor, advisor to the queen, local ruler, landed aristocrat, monarch)
  • What motivates this character?
    • What do they want to achieve? (Survival, conquest, discovery, power, honorable service, worship, creation of art/technology, knowledge)
    • What do they want to prevent?
    • Who are their enemies?
    • Who are their allies?
    • What events in their past shaped them?
    • Do they have dependents to protect?
    • Are they in someone else’s service, willingly or unwillingly?
  • What does this character look like? Players are welcome to create or commission art depicting their characters that they can share with the other members of their party.
  • Is this character a magic user? (Magic does not currently exist in this world, but the dragon egg plotline may introduce it.)
  • What are the character’s skills? (Combat, diplomacy, reasoning, persuasion, stealth, magic, crafting, potions, art, rapport with other creatures)
  • What is this character like? You can think about personality traits, things that they love and hate, how they prefer to present themselves and what behaviors come out when they are under stress, and how they speak. You might also find it useful to think about character alignments (chaotic/neutral/lawful).