The Government of Kalash

Kalash is governed by an elected mayor and council. Traditionally, the council has been made up of members of the mining guilds and/or representatives of the various mines. The founding of the new Community Mine might thus cause a stir as its members seek seats on the council. Given Kalash’s reliance on the Commercial House of Barradar, whose caravans supply the only outside resources that reach the town in the winter, the dwarves of Barradar probably have a lot of influence with the council, and may even have a seat on it, though their representative would only be in town on occasion.

The council also frequently interacts with other merchant caravans and is responsible for collecting the annual rent that Kalash owes to the Baron of Axa.

The citizens of Reda may have their own thoughts about the fairness with which the rent burden is distributed, the equal representation of each mine, the influences of miners versus other tradespeople in town politics, and the relationships between the council and the merchants. Theoretically, the citizens and the council work together to sell copper at a high price and find sources of affordable imported goods. During the hungry winters, though, some whisper that the council takes kick-back from merchants who are growing rich on the backs of Kalash miners.

Justice in Kalash is the purview of the constable, who is appointed by the council. The constable has the authority to form a night watch from among the townspeople in times of need. He may find it practical to have a few regular members of the watch that he relies on to assist him with his daily work. The constable may clash from time to time with the other (somewhat) local member of law enforcement, the reeve who administers the Baron of Axa’s estate.

See also Roegner’s Rules of Order, for when council meetings get heated.

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