The Reda Games

Guide on how to play the Reda Games

1. Connect

a) Click “Connect with Metamask” b) Choose the Wyrm chain*

*Alternatively, you can select the Wyrm chain inside your MetaMask before you connect.

2. Select your character

To choose a character

  • Click on the character you want to play as in the box at the right of the screen

  • If you don’t see your character in the box, click “+Add More.

  • Click “Send into session

  • Confirm the transaction in MetaMask. There is no charge for this transaction.

3. Strategize

  • Read the lore.

  • Think about your strategy.

4. Discuss

  • Talk to your fellow players on the Great Wyrm Discord to decide which path to take (or to convince them to pick a path that gives you a strategic advantage).

  • Most discussions take place in the #awakening-in-kalash channel.

5. Decide

To choose a path:

  • Click on your character to select them.

  • Click the path you want to choose. The option (“Choose Path X”) in the box at the right should update accordingly

  • Click “Choose Path X

  • Confirm with MetaMask if prompted. The transaction is free.

  • Once you have chosen a path, the text under your character’s name will change from “Choose path” to “Assigned to path X.”

6. Earn rewards

  • Paths often have rewards associated with them.

  • For most of the game, you will receive any awards associated with a particular stage when you have finished that stage and chosen a path in the following stage.

  • The final stage of most games is a reward stage. Choose the “Claim Reward” path before unstaking from the game to receive any final rewards.

7. Play on

  • AFTER you have collected your reward, unstake your character by (1) selecting the character, (2) clicking “Remove characters from session” and (3) confirming with MetaMask. (As usual, the transaction is free.)

  • You are now free to begin another game! Any rewards you earned are yours to keep and use in future sessions.

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