The Royal Family of Reda

Queen Seraphima has recently come of age and assumed the throne. She is unmarried, though she faces pressure to wed one of her suitors and bear an heir to preserve the stability of the kingdom.

Duke Forobor, Seraphima’s uncle, served as regent until she reached the age of majority. Some say that Forobor was loathe to give up his power over the Kingdom and plots to usurp Seraphima, and that he is waiting until he has built up enough support among the other nobles to pursue this course of action. These are all unsubstantiated rumors, however.

Other members of the royal family: Both Seraphima and Forobor could have siblings, Forobor may be married, and other close relatives may sense an opportunity to wrest power from the young and recently-crowned queen.

Royal family characters:

  • Queen Seraphima

  • Duke Forobor, her uncle and former regent

  • Their siblings and other relatives

  • Duke Forobor’s wife?

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