Great Wyrm

What is Great Wyrm

Great Wyrm is a fully on-chain fantasy RPG teeming with dwarves, elves, and dragons. The story begins in the Kingdom of Reda, where political tension erupts into chaos as the discovery of a dragon egg–wait, dragons are real??–brings magic to a bleak and non-magical world.
In Great Wyrm’s first act, players explore Reda and its neighboring lands, battle ravenous beasts, and forge alliances with monarchs, usurpers, rebels, and guilds. As they play, they accrue in-world assets, such as experience, influence, items, and favor, that allow them to develop their characters and increase their riches.

A universe of indie fantasy games

The world of Great Wyrm serves as a setting in which players can create campaigns and develop custom content–characters, art, storylines, and games. Our Discord has channels devoted to helping players, artists, and game masters connect with one another and share or sell their content. As Great Wyrm grows, we will add more tools to make it easier to develop and play custom campaigns and other games within the world.